Why can’t your country simply borrow and print money indefinitely like the United States in times of Crisis? Will the United States ever default on its debts?

What Happens When Your Country Prints Money Excessively?


“Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon”,

too much money chasing too few goods.

Depreciation of Currency

If We Can’t Print Money, let’s Borrow Money?

Why countries have to borrow in U.S. dollar or other major currencies?


Why is the United States Able to Print and Borrow Money Excessively in Times of Crisis? 🇺🇸

Exorbitant Privilege


Downsides for the United States

The current Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in 2020

Other Implications


Countries Print Money when They Get Richer


Thank you for reading! I hope this has been helpful for you in understanding the constraints that your country may face in times of crisis, and the role and privileges the United States has in the world.




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