The New 2020 Apple Macbook Pro 13"

2020 Macbook Pro 13"

The Updates

1. Butterfly Keyboard

Close-up on the new butterfly keyboard
  1. Greater Travel
2020 Macbook Pro 13"
Escape button on the 2020 Macbook 13" keyboard

2. Better Internal Specifications (Power under the hood)

  1. Intel Quad Core Processors
  2. Iris graphics improvements (able to drive a pro display XDR)
  3. Doubled fast-internal memory storage (124 GB to 4 TB)
  4. Faster RAM (16 GB to 32 GB DDR4 RAM)

3. Thickness and Weight

Amazing as Always

  1. Arguably the best speakers in the market
  2. Stunning Retina display with 1440p high resolution, colour accuracy, true-tone display and well-lit screen
  3. MacOS X
  4. The processing speed: 4-core processor Intel 8th Gen / 10th Gen processors, Up to 4.5Ghz and up to 3.0GB/s of SSD read speed
  5. Light weight
  6. Good battery life that will last you for the entire day with light use
  7. Fingerprint sensor
  8. Security
  9. Huge trackpad
  10. Apple Ecosystem
  11. Two colour variants: Space grey and silver

In short, it is realiable.

Price of 13" Macbook Pro for the ranges of configurations
  1. Front Facing Camera

14 Inch Macbook Pro?




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